Heel pain in teenagers: Sever’s Disease

Heel Pain in teenagers:

Sever’s Disease

(Calcaneal Apophysitis)


Sever’s disease classically presents as pain at the back of the heel, and occurs predominantly in teenagers, affecting 8-16%1. It is most common after exercise, but can also be noticed during activity, and first thing in the morning1.


Why does it occur?

  • It occurs during adolescence due to growth of the skeletal system, which increases the tension on calf muscles1.
  • These muscles attach into the heel bone (calcaneous) via the Achilles. The increased pull of the muscles on the heel bone causes stress and inflammation, which results in pain.
  • This area is particularly vulnerable as it is the growth plate- the part of the bone from which growth occurs.
  • Increased activity levels, particularly running, put more stress through the area and can aggravate the site2.


How can it be managed?


  • Ice and rest, and non-steroid anti-inflammatories are effective in reducing the initial pain3.
  • Heel inserts will also offload the inflamed area slightly, and are useful in the early stages of the condition3.
  • Depending on the severity of the symptoms, your child may not need time off sport, however if managed incorrectly the recovery time can be significantly lengthened, and pain more severe3.
  • Physiotherapy has been proven to reduce pain and encourage speedier return to depending on the severity of the symptoms1,2,3.
  • Treatment including specific stretches and manual techniques to reduce the stress on the heel bone3.



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